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Blaming birth rates on climate change won’t solve our problems or help us understand the next generation.

When Andrew Bryant awoke to yet another gray day in Seattle, he didn’t think much of the lack of sunshine streaming into his bedroom. What was strange, however, was the silence.

There was no thunder, no lightning, not even a light pitter-patter of rain trickling down through the gutters. He brushed his teeth in the stillness and made a cup of coffee in his peacefully quiet kitchen. Happy to leave his umbrella at home for once, Bryant got ready for the day and thought he’d check the weather to see if he needed a jacket. As he peered out through…

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The post-pandemic future of magazines looks as bright and glossy as ever.

Graduating college brings with it a complicated set of emotions. Pride in your accomplishments, anxiety about the future, and grief that comes with saying goodbye to your friends are all common ones. But last spring, all Samantha Berlin felt was anger.

When the pandemic hit, colleges across the country shut down their campuses and sent as many students home as they could. March froze for the college seniors waiting in their childhood bedrooms, nervously wondering how the semester would end. When Syracuse University made the decision to cancel in-person graduation for the class of 2020, Berlin reached her breaking point…

Sarah Felbin

Passionate about telling stories. Contributing writer for POPSUGAR Voices, SU alum

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